If you've already read through all the CoroBot reports, you may be looking for the CoroBot User Manual to help you out. The User Manual explains set up, installation, and all of the possible CoroBot controls including XBox 360 Controller, Kinect voice commands, keyboard shortcuts, GUI buttons, and website controls.

You can download the User Manual here: User Manual, Spring 2015 - E. Blatz, N. Rechka


The CoroBot controls don't work!!
CoroBot needs to be turned on first, which can only be done from the lab. CoroBot's jrc server program needs to be running as well.
How do I run the server program??
  1. Log into CoroBot (physically not remotely) and run the "run-jrc-server.bat" file.
  2. Then input the following:
    • Server Address -
    • Server Port - 8080
    • User Name - robot
    • Password - robot
    • Auto Accept Connections - unchecked
  3. Press the "Start" button
I tried all that, I still can't get it to work!!
Make sure you're connected to the internet and you followed all the instructions on the Control CoroBot page.
Otherwise, you can try setting up the proxy settings with the same Server Address and Server Port input.
If you're still having trouble, and you know EVERYTHING is set up correctly, you should refer to the User Manual to redo your steps.